Camille Mercandelli-Park

French visual artist, born in 1979, lives andworks in Ivry sur Seine, her work revolves mainly around the practice ofdrawing and volume (glazed ceramic and Korean paper).

Inhabiting forms

Each drawing follows the same process; firstdefining the space of the appearance of the figure, then making successivesplashes on paper, in ink or watercolour, thoroughly reworked thereafter. Although inspired by the surrealist use ofsplashes which asserts the role of the unconscious as "a privileged source of the poetic" * 1, it serves, forme, instead as a cultivation of painting itself as an object of study.The enclosed space becomes the container of ametamorphosis where, to quote Pierre Bonnard:  “you don’t have to paint life, you have to render life to painting”. This question of the boundary runs through allof my productions:In the prints from daily drawings which I havepursued since 2005, bodies and heads are envisaged as containers, envelopingwithin psychic or physical sensations which push ahead in search of "the natural history of myemotions" * 3.The ceramic heads themselves also propose alimit of representation: in making visible on the surface of the sculpture,internal mental operations, echoing the “character heads" of the sculptorFranz Xaver Messerschmidt.

In the series of watercolour drawings entitled"Explorations", I try to define the contours of the topography of aninterior landscape, just as a naturalist who embarks on a scientific expeditionwould.Outstretched paper becomes the frame ofpictorial exploration in a world that is either organic, plant, underwater.Successive layers of watercolour let the organs breathe, trees and coralintermingle.The drawing series "Interiors" isshifting on the microscopic appearance of this imaginary topography, it “brings closer the distance and opens thesurface to depth." * 4This limit is also that of the empty space thatencompasses each drawing, it determines the contours of a space explored,redefined each time.

* 1 The Magic Art, André Breton * 2 Observations on painting, Pierre Bonnard * 3, 4 Choose delicate figures rather than dryand woody "text on the work of Camille Park by Veronique Pittolo

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